The historic heart of Stanley

Welcome to the Falklands!

We were really pleased to see them all and share something about the Falklands with them and plans are being made for a repeat event at least once a year, if not more frequently.

An Open day FOR ALL!
On 1st May 2019 (International Workers Day) – the Museum opened its doors to the public with free entry all day, the hope being that many would take the opportunity to look around the Museum and find out more about the Falkland Islands and its past.  To encourage people to visit we also had some traditional smoko food prepared by Viv Hobman, and financed by the MLA’s.

The map illustrates the variety of countries that people have come from to work here and who visited the Museum on the day, as well as the large number of local visitors who also took the opportunity to look around our displays. 

We were pleasantly surprised with the turn out on the day and interested to find out if those who did visit learnt anything new about the Falkland Islands as a result of their visit to the Museum.