The historic heart of Stanley

Past Finders, our young historians,

head West!

What a fantastic time we all had learning, exploring & discovering in a fun way.

Friday - Spring Point Farm was our first port of call.  We spotted lots of local flora and fauna, from Scurvy Grass to Diddle Dee, to Commerson's Dolphins and even a seal pup. The group were able to explore the old foundations of the settlement (the old cook house and shearing shed where there were sections of an old woolpress). 

Mike Evans talked to us about the history and the legends associated with Spring Point.  He showed the group a fabulous collection of artefacts that the family had collected over the years. Back outside, the group visited the remnants of the Stickney house and had some fun feeding the animals.  They finished off in the old stable and stone corral. Thank you to Donna Evan's for a scrumptious smoko and to Mike for taking precious time out of his day to talk to the group. The group visited Fish Creek Shanty and the old pig house and turf wall on Leicester Creek Farm. Thank you Justin and Nadia Knight for allowing us to visit.

Saturday – Camping out Friday & Saturday at Fox Bay East in the old Post Office yard. Nuala Knight kindly took time out to take us down to the Nature Area to plant sea cabbage & sword grass with Sasha from Falklands Conservation. We were split into 3 groups - the first group collected plastic off the beach, the second group collected drift wood for the BBQ and the third group planted. Nuala talked a little about the newly established Nature Area and the group is looking forward to seeing the plants thrive. Thank you to Nuala, Sasha & family.

In the afternoon we went to Doctor’s Creek for a spot of fishing and picnic. Logan caught a mullet which was cooked that evening for everyone to taste. All children learned how to cast a fishing rod, thank you Bernie for all her patience!  Later that evening the group went on a historic walk  assisted by Natalie Smith, co-author of ‘Falkland Rural Heritage.’ Talked about the oldest house, managers house, Falklands Mill, headstones, sheep dip, Fox Bay stone, 1982 Liberation Monument and measuring the turf corral & stone corrals.

Sunday - We packed and cleaned up the old Post Office house - thank you to Stefan Heijtz for allowing us to stay. We then headed to the ‘Lyn Blake Hawk’s Nest Pond Nature Reserve’ and then walked all the way around to the Hawk’s Nest Shanty.  We covered 5.63 kilometres in aid of the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund (arranged by Krysteen Ormond in the UK) thank you Krysteen. As a treat we headed to the Millennium Camp Site for a well-deserved break to relax and paddle in the stream.

The group then set off for Port Howard where we were greeted by Tony Anderson who had a very much appreciated BBQ on the go! Tony is well known for his culinary skills and now we know why!  Thank you Tony.

Monday - Bill and Shirley Pole-Evans took us over to the Cairn marking the spot where Capt. John Strong landed in 1690.  The Past Finders thoroughly enjoyed reading the information and beachcombing the area. Thank you to Karen Jones for giving us permission to visit this historic site and to Bill and Shirley for taking us. Back at Port Howard Anna and Jessica Lee showed us around Port Howard – what a fantastic tour! Thank you ladies. Tony kindly offered to do another BBQ after a busy day gathering – this was a fabulous way to end our trip to West Falklands. Thank you to Miles and Karen Lee for allowing us to stay two nights in the Shearer's quarters.

The Past Finders would also like to say a huge thank you to Teena Ormond, Natalie Smith and Bernie Goodwin for all their help with the trip – it wouldn’t have been the success it was without you.  To everyone involved you are all awesome!