We would like to thank Steve Cartwright for the magnificent job, Nigel Bishop and his crew for covering the Arch, PWD Electrical for the installation of a temporary power supply and Melanie Gilding for the work she did to get this project started and for carrying essential materials from the UK to enable the work to proceed.   

The covers on the much improved Whale Bone Arch started coming off on Tuesday 3rd October and the response has been great!

​The bones are three or so feet deep into the ground and Steve found that the bones are absorbing moisture ... meaning that they are not getting the opportunity to dry internally.  He has suggested, and we have agreed, that the best course of action is to cut the bones at the base and sit them on a plinth to stop this from happening.  The works have cost the National Trust in excess of £5,600.00.  

September 2017

Whale Bone Arch is now under the care of the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust.  This iconic structure will be receiving a very much needed make over before the season starts in October 2017. Steve Cartwright will be carrying out the necessary work which is expected to take just over a month.

Follow the progress below!

Whale Bone Arch

The historic heart of Stanley