The historic heart of Stanley

Whale Point and the St Mary

Of course, anyone that has been out to the St Mary knows that you can't go all that way and not pop over the hill to take a look at the elephant seals!  For some of the group, seeing these magnificent beasts up and close was a first... so it was definitely worth the trip.

We were lucky enough to find the tide had receded completely - this meant that we were able to walk all the way to the wreck of ship (as you can see from the picture above.)  This trip was a special treat for the children that attended John Smith's talk on the St Mary weeks previous.   

We were so lucky with the weather last year ... and this trip was no exception!   24 of us headed off over the hills to take a closer look at the wreck of the St Mary that hit Pinnacle Rocks in the 1890s.  The ship was heading from New York to San Fransisco  carrying cargo that consisted of plates, toy trains and tacks.