Winter Ball

The historic heart of Stanley

We are very happy to announce that the Museum & National Trust (M&NT) are taking over the hosting of the Winter Ball as from 2018.  The format will stay pretty much the same; a family orientated, traditional supper dance type Ball ... but we will be changing the name!

​We have yet to decide the exact date of the Ball but it is likely to remain at the end of July/beginning of August of each year.  The Ball will still be open to the new Year 9's and over.  

​This year's Winter Ball was the last hosted by Jeannie McKay in memory of her daughter Helen, whose idea it was to introduce the Winter Ball to the Falkland Islands calendar back in 2005.   

​The Ball will be the M&NT's annual fundraiser event and a raffle will be introduced to run alongside the Ball to help raise funds for the FIMNT.